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Advantages of Using Banner Stands

Preparing to shop for materials for a trade show display requires a good understanding of the different types of exhibits. Before buying anything, consider the benefits offered by banner stands.


Banner stands are a very affordable type of exhibit that you can find almost everywhere today. Most companies are in disbelief, discovering that the cost of a good quality banner stand is lower than they imagined. Costs can increase when you add optional accessories, like merchandising capabilities or lighting, but banner stands are still overall one of the most cost-effective options you have. And it won’t take a genius to see why they are immensely popular.

Unique Design

Another big plus offered by a banner stand is that it is fully customizable. You can go for a straight or curved shape, or however you want it to be. You can also pick between double or single-sided designs and or include an overlay with unique graphics. Companies typically just add a new graphics panel on top of an old one, allowing them to save money from having to order a new unit. In other words, banner stands can be used for several promotions.


If you’ve ever installed a huge trade show display, you’ll think of portable banner stands as heaven-sent. A lot these displays can be placed in a very small carrying case with a shoulder strap.

Easy to Install Banner stands are not only portable, but they are easy to install too. Choose a company that enjoys a great reputation for quality. Remember, these stands represent you and your brand. Avoid anything that associates you with low quality as that is something your customers will surely not like. And displeasing them is the farthest thing from what you want.

How I Became An Expert on Services

How I Became An Expert on Services